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Parts List

The parts list for the ringing machine is divided into 9 pages, one for each of the sections of the machine:

Name Quantity Material Dimensions Comments Laser Photo ID DWG ID
base plate1bronze21.5 x 8.25y101101
sides2bronze21.5 x 1.937y102102
screw10black steelhold plate to sides103
end plate1woodrear end of base104104
end plate cover1woodholds connector plug104105
screw2brasshold end plates to sides106
inner conductors12brass104107
outer conductors12brass104108
retaining bar1woodsupports conductors104109
wood screw11brasshold retaining bar to end plate110
terminals14brass2 power, 12 signal104111
bob retainer2bronze112112
screw2black steelhold retainer to base113
start/stop lever1black steelat LHS of base116116
start/stop shaft1steelfits through sides117117
split pin1steelholds start/stop lever to shaft118118
retainer1black steelsupport start/stop lever119119
extra lever1black steelredundant120120
screw1black steelhold extra lever to shaft121
bob lever2steelfor bobs and singles122122
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