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The history of bellringers & bellringing - Minutes of annual meetings

The minutes of Central Council meetings provide a record of the issues and concerns of ringers since 1890.

A considerable resource has been reproduced in the work done by Tony Smith on the methods.org.uk web site. These records, as originally published in Bell News and The Ringing World, will have required a lot of work to transform them into digital form. Such work requires an expert knowledge of the subject and the people involved to ensure accuracy.

Tony has also added a lot of extra value in the inclusion of hyperlinks to link people's names to their input and between years.

So please note that Tony Smith has the intellectual property rights for these and any subsequent use should follow permission being gained from Tony.

1910 Manchester
1911 Leicester
1912 London
1913 Newcastle upon Tyne
1914 Winchester
1915 London
1918 London
1919 Gloucester
1920 Northampton
1921 London
1922 Lincoln
1923 Salisbury
1924 London
1925 Chester
1926 Ipswich
1927 London
1928 Hereford
1929 Chelmsford
1930 London
1931 Liverpool
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