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The Historical & Archive workgroup is working on a project to record as many photos as possible of peal boards from around the UK and also from abroad, and then load them to the Peal Boards section of the workgroup’s historical database.

We already have a number of contacts who have offered to supply us with peal board photos, usually from their local areas, but we could always do with more contacts to supply photos, especially in Norfolk, Kent and Scotland, although help in other areas will always be welcome. If you would like to offer to do this, please contact us on our email address for the project, which is: -pealboards@cccbr.org.uk

We can also receive peal board photos via this email address, but we suggest that you attach a maximum of 3 or 4 photos per email, so as to avoid potentially large emails not getting through.

Alternatively, you can submit peal board photos direct to BellBoard by logging in and then selecting the 'Add photo' option from the main menu on the left, but remembering to tick the box to 'Allow sharing with the Central Council's peal board database' – this will then allow our team to view and pick up the photos from BellBoard so that we can then load them to our workgroup’s historical database.

Those with good memories will remember that there used to be a Central Council Committee for peal boards. The lists of peal boards that they identified are at:

Volume 1 - 1715 - 1799

Volume 2 - 1800 - 1825

It is hoped that these will provide a seed list for obtaining images of old peal boards.

Abergavenny, Wales 23/03/1901


Abergavenny, Wales 24/03/1901


Abergavenny, Wales 25/11/1950

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