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Essays for The Friends of the Central Council Library

Essays on bibliographical subjects are issued to the Friends annually, together with a newsletter. The thirty essays in this series have been written by three authors, to whom our thanks are due for their meticulous research and entertaining prose.

Members of The Friends will have access to the most recent essays by first logging in.

1. History of the Central Council Library by John Eisel, March 1995

2. Indexes by John Eisel, March 1995

Discusses the various indexes available in the Central Council Library

3. Hubbard's Elements of Campanalogia by John Eisel, February 1996

Identifies all the different editions and variants

4. Troyte's Change Ringing by John Eisel, February 1997

Brings together information on various editions

5. Ringing Periodicals by John Eisel, February 1998

A brief history, including samples of title pages

6. Snowdon's Ropesight by John Eisel, February 1999

The background and editions of this important text

7. Reprints of early ringing books by John Eisel, February 2000

List and discusses all early texts from Tintinnalogia to Shipway’s Campanalogia and their reprints

8. The Revd H T Ellacombe and his Campanological Works by John Eisel, February 2001

Discusses when and where his work was published, and the different editions

9. Ramblings of a Collector by John Eisel, February 2002

Shares the experience of 40 years of book collecting

10. Snowdon’s Standard Methods in the Art of Change Ringing by John Eisel, February 2003

Discusses the many editions of both the Letterpress and Diagrams

11. Publications of the College of Campanology by Bill Butler, February 2005

Publications of an unusual venture in teaching change ringing

12. An Exercise in Printing – Beginners' Grandsire and Beginners' Plain Bob by John Eisel, February 2005

Gives the history of Alex Waddington's little books, republished by the Central Council

13. Andrew James Corrigan and his publications on Surprise methods by John Eisel, February 2006

Discusses the history of Corrigan's ground-breaking publications

14. Large Paper Copies of Standard County Works by John Eisel, February 2007

Discusses the limited numbers of large-paper copies printed, and their significance

15. Collectors of Ringing Books by John Eisel, February 2008

Identifies and discusses a number of prominent collectors of ringing books

16. Change Ringers' Guides by John Eisel, February 2009

Over the years many list of rings of bells have been compiled in order to help visiting ringers. This essay traces the history of such lists

17. Snowdon's other Publications by John Eisel, February 2010

This forms a supplement to Essays Nos 6 and 10, and completes a study of all Snowdon's works

18. Publications of the Central Council prior to the First World War by John Eisel, February 2011

From its inception the Central Council has produced a succession of important texts on all aspects of bells and ringing, and this essay discusses the earliest of these

19. Two Nineteenth Century Text Books: Thackrah and Sottanstall by John Eisel, February 2012

Explores the background to these two very different texts

20. The Gothic Traveller by John Eisel, February 2013

For the first time the career of John Alfred Parnell is considered in detail, together with his writings, and his inaccurate contributions to the history of change ringing.

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