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Peter Anthony Cummins

Date of Birth10/04/1917
Date of Death24/02/1997
Date of Funeral07/03/1997
Age at death79
Trade or professionEngineer

Biographical references

Researched Account

The Ringing World page 256 07/03/1997 - Expected to be available on BellBoard soon

The Ringing World page 411 18/04/1997 - Expected to be available on BellBoard soon

The Ringing World page 467 02/05/1997 - Expected to be available on BellBoard soon

Report and Newsletter page 3 01/04/1998


Truro Diocesan Guild

Society offices held: He was was a member of the Devon Guild and of the Truro Diocesan Guild, which he served as a member of the its Standing Committee and as Deanery Steward of the Northern District.

Publications in the Central Council Library

Acquisition NumberPublicationDateContribution
2505Cummins Simulatorc.1988Author


Place of BirthGreat Ouseburn, York
Began ringing at
Other tower
Obituary locationLanteglos-by-Camelford

Notable performances: The ringing simulator was Peter's major contribution to ringing.

Participation in Central Council activities

Meetings attended: 4

1982Truro Diocesan GuildSociety Representative
1983Truro Diocesan GuildSociety Representative
1993Truro Diocesan GuildSociety Representative
1994Truro Diocesan GuildSociety Representative
1995Truro Diocesan GuildSociety Representative
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